OPPO A95 Offers Optimize Videography Activities

Merdeka.com – OPPO Indonesia continues the series of initial introductions to the latest A-Series A95 device by holding the OPPO A95 Performance Event today (11/11). Unlike the previous event which was also titled the same but reviewed the photo camera features, at this event OPPO focused more on exploring the videography features on the OPPO A95 device.

“Videography capabilities are now one of the features on smartphones that are sought after by consumers, especially young entrepreneurs for the needs of creating digital content. OPPO A95 provides this capability through a rear camera that can record high-quality videos stably with the Steady Video feature,” said Aryo. Meidianto A, PR Manager for OPPO Indonesia.

With the Steady Video feature on the OPPO A95 rear camera, it is possible for users to record fantastic videos and capture precious moments in life.

The OPPO A95 rear camera is capable of recording 1080p or 720p resolution videos at a speed of 30 fps (frames per second) with more stability due to Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) support. The image stabilization feature (Image Stabilization) on this OPPO A95 device uses software technology to dampen vibrations when taking pictures or recording videos.

EIS is equipped with sensors that are specially designed to detect every movement, interpret, then fix frame by frame automatically so that the images and videos produced by OPPO A95 look sharper (stable). In video, the EIS feature will help to find points of high contrast while keeping the image consistent and not overwhelming.

The Steady Video feature on the OPPO A95 can eliminate unwanted motion when recording high-quality videos. Besides being able to record high-resolution videos, the OPPO A95 also offers 720p slo-mo video recording at 120 fps via the rear camera.

Video recording can also be done via the 16MP selfie camera. The OPPO A95 selfie camera equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) is able to make video results look clearer and livelier. For the purposes of videography with the front camera, OPPO provides the AI ​​Beautification feature to provide a more precise skin beauty effect according to the surrounding environment.

To make it easier to process video recordings, OPPO A95 provides a built-in SoLoop video editor application. With the availability of OPPO SoLoop’s exclusive smart video editor, A95 users can easily create great videos in a wide selection of styles and filters. SoLoop can turn recorded videos and photos into shareable movie-quality clips for uploading to short video social media platforms.

Various functional features for video recording on OPPO A95 further complement the ability of this device to support various activities, both indoor and outdoor. OPPO A95 which has an AMOLED screen and IPX4 certification which can protect this device from normal water splashes.

OPPO A95 which includes a 5000 mAh battery which is also equipped with 33Watt fast charging also supports user mobility in daily activities for longer.

User comfort in using the OPPO A95 as a work support device is also fulfilled through the RAM Expansion feature. This technology seems to share some 128GB of internal storage (ROM) to be used as additional memory in RAM (Random Access Memory), with options ranging from 2GB, 3GB, and 5GB. Through this technology, the OPPO A95 is able to provide the option of expanding 8GB of RAM to a total of 13GB.

OPPO also announced the initial order period or the OPPO A95 Blind Pre-Order which will be held from 11-17 November 2021. Interested consumers can buy vouchers worth Rp. 100,000 at the OPPO Online Store or through e-commerce partners Shopee and Lazada.

Furthermore, the voucher code can be used to purchase OPPO A95 devices from 18-30 November 2021. Consumers will pay the OPPO A95 price which has been deducted from the Rp. 100,000 voucher value. [faz]



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