Oppenau (in the Black Forest): man in camouflage clothing disarms police officers and flees – warning: “is in a state of emergency”


The police are looking for a man with a public search and a large contingent in and around Oppenau (Baden-Württemberg). Yves R. is said to be heavily armed.

  • The police searches in and around Oppenau in the Black Forest since Sunday morning after an armed man.
  • Special forces and helicopters are at the search involved. A flight ban around Oppenau now applies (update from July 13, 1:17 p.m.).
  • A former neighbor tells unsettling details of the life of the refugee (see update from July 13, 8:43 am).

Flight ban over Oppenau due to search for armed man

Update from July 13, 12:43 p.m.: With several hundred emergency services, emergency services continue to search for the armed man. Now the German air traffic control has a No flight over Oppenau in the Black Forest enact. The police said it was within a three-nautical miles radius (a good 5.5 kilometers) around the city and also for drones. According to the police, witnesses saw the wanted person on Saturday around 11.50 a.m. in a forest area called “Kleinebene”.

Due to the events on Sunday, the Offenburg public prosecutor’s office is conducting an investigation into the suspicion of particularly severe predatory extortion in the act of unlawful use of a firearm. The police also said so.

Oppenau in the Black Forest: City closes schools and kindergartens

Update from July 13, 10.12 a.m.: The search for the 31-year-old man continues on Monday morning, the police said. With a large contingent, emergency personnel comb through largely confusing terrain. According to local media reports, helicopters with thermal imaging cameras are back in the air and sniffer dogs are in use. The police classified the 31-year-old, who, according to her information, lives in the woods without a permanent residence and knows his way around as dangerous a. The population was asked to avoid forest areas in the Oppenau area, if possible not to be outdoors and no hitchhikers to take with you. Roadblocks can also be expected.

The city of Oppenau closed kindergartens and schools as well as the leisure pool on Monday due to the “current, dangerous situation”.

Oppenau (Black Forest): Man in possession of four police service weapons and ammunition

Update from July 13, 8:43 a.m .: Meanwhile, there is more information about the fugitive 31-year-old who disarmed four police officers. How Bild.de reported, the four allegedly stolen Service pistols of the P2000 type Depending on the size of the magazine, hold up to 16 rounds of ammunition. That would be with four captured pistols up to 64 shots. Police spokesman Wolfgang Kramer emphatically warned: “Anyone who meets the suspect should stay away from him. The man is in one mental state of emergency!“

Oppenau (Black Forest): Ex-neighbor of the refugee reveals unsettling details

A former neighbor of the fleeting Yves R. told image-Reporters also worrying details from the life of the 31-year-old. Accordingly, it should be on the Loft of the previous apartment a little of the fugitive Shooting range have given. In addition, various were in the apartment Weapons, ammunition and petrol canisters discovered. The apartment is said to have been evicted a year ago because R. is not supposed to have paid his rent. “He always had odd jobs – sometimes as a lawn care worker on the golf course, sometimes at the train,” the neighbor also told Bild.de.

After he had to give up his apartment, R. initially lived in his car, which he had in the swimming pool in Oppenau parked. Then he was in the Hut on the edge of the forest drawn. The ex-neighbor continued to say that the 31-year-old was always dressed in dark clothes and was “not an easy person”. According to the police, R. has appeared several times in the past – among other things because of various Gun law violations. One time he is said to have even shot an arrow at his girlfriend and was therefore imprisoned, reports Bild.de.

Update from July 13, 7:04 a.m .: The 31-year-old man who was the police officer in Oppenau in the Black Forest threatened and disarmed, continues on Monday morning Escape. A police spokeswoman now announced that from morning onwards, the man would be searched again with increased strength. Already on the night of Monday she had police wanted with a large contingent.

Oppenau (Black Forest): Police are calling to stay at home if possible

“Stay at home if possible and don’t take hitchhikers with you,” warned the spokeswoman. It is currently not possible to assess exactly what danger the man poses, it said. “There is a possibility that we will block roads if the situation requires it,” added the spokeswoman.

Update from July 13, 6:37 a.m .: The 31-year-old policeman was also in the night of Monday Oppenau in the Black Forest threatened and robbed them of their weapons, on the run. According to the police, the search for him continued the previous night. Today Monday morning it can in the course of Wanted Road traffic restrictions came on Sunday.

Oppenau (Black Forest): New details on police operations – refugees only showed themselves to be cooperative

Meanwhile, further details about the police operation in which the Disarmed a fugitive four policemen. As previously reported, the police had been informed on Sunday morning that there was a suspect in a hut. When four officers found him there, they were found to be armed with arrows and bows, a knife, and a pistol. First of all, the 31-year-old is said to have shown himself cooperative.

“Suddenly and suddenly for the officers, he pulled a gun and threatened the investigators, so that they had no time to react to the dangerous situation,” said the police late on Sunday evening. Then the man is said to have massively threatened the emergency services and asked them to put down their pistols. Then he took flight, “probably with the service weapons,” it said. The police were not injured in the operation.

Armed man in flight in the Black Forest: police officers stand in front of a piece of forest on a road near Oppenau.

© dpa / Sven Kohls, SDMG

Oppenau (Black Forest): Police expand search for fleeing 31-year-old

Update from July 12, 7:54 p.m .: Still no sign of the man who disarmed the police and is said to have fled to a forest. Now the police decided to extend the search. She asked the population for help and published a photo and the name of the fugitive. The man’s name is Yves R., is said to wear clothing with camouflage patterns and is very likely to be armed. The 31-year-old is said to be 1.70 meters tall and slim. He is said to have partial baldness.

Update from 6:33 p.m .: A large police force in the Black Forest is still looking for a man who disarmed officials and then fled to a forest. The risk that the 31-year-old could pose appears to be greater than initially assumed.

According to the press officer of the Offenburg police headquarters, the man could be armed multiple times. “The police were in a defensive stance, were disarmed by the man. We assume that he has the four weapons of the police with him, “said Wolfgang Kramer the image.

Update from 2:55 p.m .: The man he was looking for is still not found. The police also search with a helicopter. Dozens of heavily armed police officers, like that, are said to have gathered on a sports field Baden latest news to report. The SEK should also be on site. Accordingly, an increasing number of emergency services are also being requested from Freiburg, Baden-Baden and Oppenau. In the meantime, more has become known about the fugitive. The 31-year-old is a German citizen and has no permanent residence. The man has come into conflict with the police several times, among other things due to a violation of the weapons law.

Large contingent looking for armed man

© dpa / Philipp von Ditfurth

Black Forest: Man threatens police officers – and flees: Officials search for men in camouflage clothing with a large contingent

Update from 2:33 p.m.: A man armed with arrows and bows threatened police officers in Oppenau in the Black Forest on Sunday and took their weapons. He then fled to a forest and has been with one ever since Large contingent wanted, as reported by the police in Offenburg. A helicopter is also in use. The man should wear clothes Tarnmuster wear. The police called on people around Oppenau to stay at home. It could not be judged exactly what danger the man posed, it said.

The police had been informed in the morning that there was a suspect in a hut. When officials found him there, they said he was next to him Arrows and bow also a Messer and a Pistol carried with him. In a way that has not yet been clarified, the man had succeeded in massively threatening and disarming the police officers before he was killed Escape seized, it said.

Police are looking for armed man in camouflage clothing – people from the area should stay at home

First registration from July 12, 1:32 p.m.

Oppenau – The police are looking in and around with a large contingent Oppenau in the Black Forest after one with Tarnmuster clothed, armed man. The police said that there were several patrol crews and also a helicopter Offenburg on Sunday afternoon with.

Black Forest: Police in Oppenau look for an armed man – and calls people in the opposite to go home

She called on people in the affected area to go home. It was not clarified what danger the man posed, it said. (dpa)

An official was seriously injured during a SEK mission in Regensburg. A 41 year old had set fire to a homemade fire.* *Merkur.de is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.

List of rubric lists: © Philipp von Ditfurth / dpa / Polizei Offenburg

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