OPM Says Its Own Recent Ghost From Tsushima News Is Inaccurate

Ghost of Tsushima details from the official May 2020 issue of PlayStation Magazine covered the week. Among the news released chiefly, there was information regarding the alleged lack of a waypoint system in the game. The evolution of protagonist Jin’s relationship with secondary characters was also of great interest. However, the magazine has since clarified that some details of its cover were inaccurate. Unfortunately, OPM has not yet shared the details of these inaccuracies, so it is unclear exactly what was reported incorrectly.

The magazine’s official British Twitter account shared the following message last night.

A subsequent tweet noted that the two reports were written without the participation of Sucker Punch and Sony Interactive Entertainment. At the time of writing, neither Sucker Punch nor Sony have addressed the issue regarding OPM.

Ghost of Tsushima the alleged lack of a waypoint system has attracted the most discussion among online gamers. While it would likely do wonders to create a sense of immersion, many lamented the inconvenience of such a decision and the lack of accessibility. A completely open world without a crossing point would particularly hamper people with disabilities. With this in mind, there is great hope that waypoints will be made optional if Sucker Punch effectively does away with a traditional navigation system.

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Ghost of Tsushima is expected to be released exclusively on PlayStation 4 this summer, June 26. Given the delays linked to the coronavirus The last of us, part II and Marvel Iron Man VR, many wonder if the next Sucker Punch adventure will receive a similar boost. The two titles were to be launched about a month before Ghost of Tsushima after all.

[Source: OPM UK on Twitter]

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