Ophélie Meunier: A photo of her son Joseph reacts on Instagram

Ophélie Meunier has always been discreet when it comes to her private life. She nevertheless departed from the rule for the first time by posting a photo of her son Joseph. To please her fans, she did not hide her face.

Ophélie Meunier is bathed today in almost perfect happiness. The one who is now presenting Zone Interdite sees her professional career in full swing. A joy filled by the birth of little Joseph on June 14, 2019. The couple she forms with Mathieu Vergne is happier than ever and one wonders what could well come to mar this peaceful life in which she is currently. However, that did not prevent him from remaining particularly discreet when it comes to his private life. She has so far avoided publishing photos of her son’s face precisely to preserve it.

Ophélie Meunier posts a first photo of her son

This is therefore a departure from his own rule that Ophélie Meunier has made. She has indeed published a photo of her entire little family on the occasion of Christmas. A wonderful gift that his fans appreciated and for good reason, many of them clicked on the thumbs-up. No less than 12,000 people have so far liked the post of the host and it is obviously only the beginning. It is believed that this number may well skyrocket in the hours to come. This is proof of the interest that his fans have in him.

in the caption of her publication, Ophélie Meunier warmly thanked all those who had contributed to her happiness in this year 2020 which was particularly difficult for all. His best wishes were addressed to all members of his community.


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