Operation Rebirth: Everything new at Warzone – A trailer shows it

Shortly after announcing the postponement of Season 1 for Warzone to December 16, Activision is now coming out with more information on the content and is showing us a new trailer.

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What has long been a rumor has now been officially confirmed. Call of Duty: Warzone actually gets a brand new map, as well as a new mode and a revised “Gulag experience”.

Rebirth Island – New map, new mode

Operation: Rebirth will introduce the new map Rebirth Island and a brand new mode on December 16th. We are now finally leaving the borders of Verdansk.

Rebirth Island is very similar to Alcatraz from Blackout, the first Battle Royale in the CoD franchise. The map is now much smaller and more winding than Verdansk, but should still have a lot of loot ready.

In addition, more than 30 basic weapons are available and the arsenal can be expanded using blueprint variants.

Alcatraz sends its regards

But not only the new map is reminiscent of Alctraz, also the new mode that Rebirth Island gets should be based on the mode of Alcatraz. Recently a bit of information leaked out that the mode will have a specific target, at which point we may have additional respawn options. It was also mentioned that players who were eliminated will be allowed to re-join the fight as long as only one teammate is still alive. In any case, we can look forward to it

New gulag experience

If we died in Warzone, we could fight for a new life in Gualg. That will still be the case, but some things should change here as well. But what exactly that means in detail is not revealed. Presumably, however, we can finally leave the shower cubicles and compete against each other in other locations.

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And what else is there?

Apart from the new map, the new mode and the new Gulag experience, there is more content in Warzone. As soon as the release takes place on December 16, all weapons of the multiplayer mode of Black Ops Cold War will be available in Battle Royale. We can then choose between Black Ops Cold War and Modern Warfare loadouts.

In addition, the progression systems of Warzone, Black Ops Cold War and Modern Warfare will be combined so that we can advance across all three titles at the same time in every game.

But there may be a lot more hidden in the “Season 1” surprise bag. We’ll know in a few days.

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