Operating rooms and Utic still, “Don’t bring us serious patients”. Cluster in Medicine: 7 positives transferred to the Covid wing

After the power outage last night not everything is back in place. Although the generators have come into operation and the problem was initially buffered by the Civil Protection and then by the maintenance technicians, as declared by the health managers, several critical issues persist related to the gradual restoration of the current at San Timoteo, starting with diagnostics.

It was not possible to do an abdominal CT scan in a patient who had intestinal obstruction, who was transferred to Cardarelli in Campobasso. And not only that, because in addition to the impossibility of performing radiological examinations they are at this time even cures for heart attacks are impossible. The operating theaters are not active, so much so that Dr. Nicola Rocchia in a document to the attention of the 118 emergency service asks to “do not send patients with time dependent pathologies who need the radiology and hemodynamic service to the hospital“. The confirmation also from the head of cardiology and Utic of Termoli Erminio Calgione, who reports in a note as due to “the failure of the angiograph due to electrical problems that arose during the last night and were not completely resolved “, calls for acute patients requiring coronography for angioplasty and all cases of vein infarction to be diverted to other facilities.

San Timoteo documents

The situation remains critical in the Termoli hospital, where many questions await an answer. “Why was this problem not foreseen, given the precedents and given the delicacy and the state of emergency that involved the installation of a field hospital?” re asks Vincenzo Iacovino, the lawyer who defends the victims of the covid who is following cases of alleged medical malpractice in Molise. The causes of the blackout are not yet clear, but the general manager Asrem Oreste Florenzano who made an inspection in the hospital this morning excluded that it could be an overload due to the greater electrical absorption by the tents (still empty and unused) of the field hospital. However, the origin of the short-circuit indicated as the main suspect of the fault is not clear, e if at the origin there was the wear of some electric cables it would be equally serious, considering the massive current absorption due to the numerous electro-medical devices used at the same time at the San Timoteo.

After the blackout, doubts and questions in the hospital. Resuscitation patients hand-ventilated for hours

San Timoteo who in these hours is dealing with another emergency, a cluster in the medical department. At the moment in the department directed by Dr. Nicola Milano there are no positive patients and no one, in the operating staff, has tested positive for the molecular swab, which is repeated practically daily. In the last few days however as many as 7 patients initially hospitalized with rapid and molecular negative swab were positive to a more advanced molecular buffer. They have all been transferred to the covid area of ​​Urology, fourth floor, which is now fully booked. In fact, the 20 available places are all occupied. Fortunately, the patients are not in serious condition and do not have significant symptoms or symptoms that require the use of oxygen. However the outbreak will have to be investigated, also to understand if among the infected there are some that have variants not easily identifiable by the antigenic swabs.

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