Opening hours 28 October 2020 Stores will not open

“Despite the fact that the state of emergency allows us to be open, we decided not to take this opportunity. We will be closed mainly because of our employees to relax a bit, “says Globus spokeswoman Lutfia Volfová.

Tesco, Kaufland, Lidl, Penny Market and Albert will not open their stores either. The vast majority of branches will be left closed by Bill’s chain. The only exceptions are the shops at Václav Havel Airport, the Main Railway Station in Prague and also all Shell petrol stations with the Bill stop & shop concept.

However, smaller stores across the country may open. However, a new measure has been in force since Wednesday, which limits the sales time of stores. They can now only be open until 20:00.

On the contrary, all shops that are subject to government and Ministry of Health measures will remain closed. Clothing or shoe stores, for example, will not be allowed to open even on a holiday.

Restrictions on sales on certain holidays in stores over 200 square meters have been in force since the end of 2016. However, the law contains exceptions that may prevent the closure of stores. These include the time of the emergency or, for example, the state of danger and threat to the state. The government declared a state of emergency on October 5 for 30 days.

What holidays are normally restricted to?

Public holidays – closed

1. 1. – Day of the Restoration of the Independent Czech State and New Year

Easter Monday

8. 5. – Day of victory

28. 9. – Czech Statehood Day

28. 10.The day of the establishment of an independent Czechoslovak state

24. 12. – Christmas Day – open only until 12 noon

25. 12. – 1st Day of Christmas

26. 12. – 2nd Day of Christmas

Public holidays – open

Good Friday

1. 5. – Labor Day

5. 7. – Day of the Slavic heralds Cyril and Methodius

6. 7. – The day of the burning of Master Jan Hus

17. 11. – Freedom and Democracy Day

There are long-standing discussions about the law on sales time. Business unions have repeatedly criticized him, on the other hand, trade unions are trying to extend it to all 13 holidays.

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