OpenAI’s Artificial Intelligence Makes Diamond Pickaxe in Minecraft – Gaming – News

Progress in this area is slow, mainly due to increased computing power, for example with video cards – useful for this kind of application – computing power still increases nicely every 2 years, partly thanks to Taiwan’s TSMC. But we will probably reach a limit in terms of shrinking circuits on chips around 2030. And then you have application-specific hardware that can perform certain calculations even more efficiently than a normal CPU or even GPU.

AI was also a hype in the 80s, when there were big predictions about what would become possible in the foreseeable future. Then you had a hype just after the turn of the millennium, and now this hype. The word hype may be a bit too negative, but often exaggerated predictions were made.

Intelligence is about understanding, and computers don’t understand anything. For example, computers can easily beat people during a game of chess, but they do not understand the game itself. I rather think that the concept of intelligence means less and less than that there is an ‘AI effect’.

Here’s an example from a leading mathematician:…/24-01-2021/VPWON_1322203 (from 28:10)

Intelligence is something unique on this planet, and we don’t even fully understand how our brains, or those of relatively intelligent animal species, work. It could be that someday real general artificial intelligence will become a possibility, I don’t rule that out, but then we are at least decades further. Minimal.

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