Open your heart to the bride and groom Dreaming of a small wedding But the organizer creates a splendor He revealed that it was poured by another before the event: Khaosod

Open your heart to the bride and groom Dreaming of a small wedding But the organizers create a beautiful, magnificent, with the moon as a witness of love. He revealed that another person poured before the event

by the case from the page “Khun Chai’s Suite” posted a wedding photo. Along with the message that “Extremely outstanding, certainly more than worthy of the rental… Before the deal – after the deal… White, pink, old rose theme…” Khun Chai’s apartment “requires to create a simple concrete road An elegant evening party like hosting a hotel in a juicy style … Wedding … Khun Nui-Khun Febri … @ Ban Bo Nam Nong Samrong, Moo Mon Subdistrict, Mueang District, Province by Udon Thani … Thank you for your trust “Khun Chai’s apartment” quality in the sky And you will not be disappointed Work is not broken There are only hits for sure Do it for real, don’t sell your dreams, make it beyond your dreams, not in the eyes… The bride only chooses the color of the flowers.Besides this, the team can create the design for you.

Last time at 4:30 pm on January 9, 2023, the reporter went to a house. In Moo 7 area, Moo Mon subdistrict, Mueang district, Udon Thani province, he found Ms. Jutharat Adirek Udomrat o Nui, 37, wife and Febri Chen o Febri, 37, Indonesian, husband, owner of a beautiful wedding ceremony of Nong Nui revealed that she was born in Udon Thani district. After completing a bachelor’s degree at Khon Kaen University I went to work in Bangkok Later, he moved to become a physiotherapist at a hospital in Udon Thani.

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10 years ago I met Mr. Febbri. Indonesian Working as a mobile phone case designer to apply for a visa Therefore, they contacted each other through Facebook as friends for 5 months. At first, there was a language barrier. You then choose to communicate with each other in English. Then he learned Chinese until he couldn’t speak. Mr. Febbri Try to learn Thai as well. After that, he became a fan. Khun Febbri said that she likes Nong Nui because she is beautiful and kind. I like being here because he’s quiet. I like everything in Thailand

Nong Nui went on to say that he arranged a wedding in Indonesia two years ago. But she ran into a COVID outbreak and therefore closed the project and instead bought a house When planning another wedding The groom’s relatives want it to be held in Thailand. Therefore she agreed to host an event here on December 18, 2022, choosing to invite guests as relatives. and close friends present her In which she will tell the guests “Place a small event” where the mother had prepared vegetarian food for only 14 tables, but she became the first organizer he contacted to pay the wedding on Loi’s day Krathong.

after being poured He was afraid of not being able to recover. so he made a call to Khun Chai’s apartment shop who also accept this event. Choosing a white, child and pink theme, it is a small but organized event. Instead, the work was created to be very magnificent. create the road in front of the house as an entrance tunnel The garage is the background. The stage is located in front of the house, so beautiful that friends who come to the event are excited and ask: “Isn’t the event big?”

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Personally, he and the groom were impressed by the organization’s beautiful tunnel arrangement. like a dream The moon witnesses love Organize would regret being dumped. So arranged to be beautiful and gorgeous Thank you so much If any couple are interested in hosting a wedding and still no arrangements Try contacting the shop. “Khun Chai Apartment” Si Bun Rueang District, Nong Bua Lam Phu Province There are prices to choose from from tens of thousands to the aforementioned hundreds of thousands.

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