Open your heart, “Tak Thao Sujaritkul” write “Reya”!

Open your heart, “Tak Thao Sujaritkul” write “Reya”!

It is another important person who is both a famous writer, translator and novelist for Khun Taktao Sucharitakul, who has created many famous novels such as San Fran orchids, orange blossom crown, golden orange blossom. Dolls in the cold forest, etc., and also the owner of the Surin Raja. Awards, stars, etc., until many theater organizers Many camps were watching. To put the work on the shelf of her teacher To be built into a television drama One of them would not pass. The current popular novel, “Reya”, that the organizer-Sathaporn Nakvilairot has requested the copyright directly to make a drama for the Channel 8 television station until it is mentioned in the society about waiting at Will see the drama From this famous novel on Monday, March 8, at 7:00 pm, the first episode and watch the retrospective through the AIS PLAY application only. Therefore requesting to sit for an interview about the background

“Before starting to write a novel?”
Many people probably already know that before writing a novel, I have translated the book before. Until one day, I thought of trying to write some novels. So I used a plot from a Chinese novel and adapted until the story “The Crown of Orange” was born. And I wrote for a bi-weekly magazine. After a few chapters started, it turned out that a television drama maker telephoned from Bangkok asked to do a drama, but I told you to wait. Just read a few chapters The story may not be as fun as you think. I said that because I wanted to be fair to everyone. Until finally done When part 2 was made, “golden orange flowers” appeared that people were very interested. At that time, it was also shocked. Because he never considered himself a professional poet But it’s just an amateur writer who accidentally gets some money.
Why did you write “Rhea” after the previous part 2 years, which was really loud at that time? If you keep writing, the more people will follow? ”
At that time, the golden orange flower was already at its peak. I think that if it continues as soon as it ends He is just always. But there was an opportunity to plummet So I decided to rest first to wait for the right time. After 2 years I started writing. “Rhea”, which is the final part of the novels of the orange flower series We have created a character. It has to have its origins, it goes, and it finally comes to an end.

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Reya was not just out of imagination. But from real experience?
“Each of my novels I use a little imagination. But use the experiences that have been experienced by myself as elements Including what really happened In human life I had a reader who asked me why I like to torture the reader. Since Rhea was so terrible Why not write correctly and punish the heavens? Such as being thrown by the earth. Is the lightning dead or something like that? I answered her that life really is like that or not. Many people do bad things. As for those who do good, no one can see. My novel is based on an ordinary human vision. No one is so bad that there is nothing good at all. A person who says good is not so good that he cannot do evil. But how Every human being has a reason for himself. Do good, do evil, have their own reasons. Like Reya All the things that have been done No matter how good or bad Reya had a self-sufficient reason. Who is this from, who is it, why? Although everyone would condemn Rhea for polygamy But do not forget that she actually has one by one. Is adultery not guilty of sin? Well, if you look carefully, you will see that I am always strict about the correctness and morality in my novels.

Many people want to see the end of Rhea?
You’ll have to wait and see, everyone has their own ends. So is Reya. Do not forget that people cannot choose to be born. But choose to absorb the good things around them However, educated people are more likely than less educated people. Reya accidentally dislikes studying, which is normal for any child. She is just a human being who wants to be well-behaved and struggling to achieve her dreams. Is Rhea really wrong?

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“Ploy came to play the role of Rhea?”
I’m glad that Ploy plays the role of Rhea. I have followed many of her work. I thought that this woman was beautiful. Her acting skills are really outstanding. Ploy is very suitable for the role of “Reya”.

“What do you want to tell the fans who are looking forward to it?”
I do not want to see “Rhea” for entertainment only. But I want you to use it as a deep thought on the reasons for the actions of the characters, which are just normal human beings. Do not remember as an example But use judgment, screening and applying what is useful in life


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