Open VLD Brussels files complaint against party member Els Ampe

The Brussels branch of Open VLD has filed a complaint against Flemish MP Els Ampe with the statutory committee of the liberal party. That writes Bruzz and is confirmed to Belga.

The reason for the complaint is Els Ampe’s performance at a lockdown party at Flagey, where she went live via social media and made a lot of strong statements. The illegal party at Flagey in Ixelles erupted on May 8 after a new call on social media. The terraces then reopened, but a lot of people lingered after closing time and turned it into a new party. Els Ampe was on site and filmed everything live via her social media.

The Flemish Member of Parliament expressed her opinion about the events that took place at that time. During the festivities she witnessed a lot of pushing and pulling. In doing so, she lashed out at the police present and especially mayor of Ixelles Christos Doulkeridis, who was also present.

That intervention by Ampe was the last straw for Open VLD Brussels and so a complaint was filed. The statutory committee of Open VLD will now consider the complaint. It is not yet known when the verdict will follow.



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