Open the timeline of the party gang Bael “Singer, actor” does not allow history!

Open a timeline of group mates, birthday party DJ Bael after being infected with COVID, singers and performers’ records were found to attend an infected event but refused to provide information to staff.

From the case of DJ Bael or Taechin Ployphet for Covid after holding a birthday party at a hotel It later became a super spreader. Since there are 24 contiguous COVID-infected people already linked to the party.

By the CRC report indicated that there were people involved in the party. And infected with COVID One of the people reported was 23 years old, singer, actor, date of illness on January 12, which has not yet been reported to the patient’s timeline. Causing netizens to wonder who there are who attended the said party

Recently, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has released a timeline of 644-658 patients who have investigated the history and found that in the said group There is a timeline that says Went to Bael’s Birthday Party at the Banyan Tree Hotel, which timeline 647 stated that occupation “Singer, actor” The timeline wrote that from January 14-20, the patient did not provide information. In addition, the 657 patient stated that the career manager of PR, January 17-21, the patient did not give. Information and patient number 658 Occupation government officials dated 10-21 Jan stated that the patient did not provide information.

Timeline, singer, actor

Bael Gang Timeline

Public Relations Manager Timeline

Government officials timeline

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