Open the clip, short-legged students punch each other in 3 crowds. 1 Actually, just friends do not wash dishes

Reveal cluesclipShort leg student 3 crowd 1 A crowd of children revealed they just didn’t wash the dishes. Told of being persecuted as well as the end of the end. 1 in the other parents counterattack their son is a good person

From the event that the online world is sharedclipVideo of short-legged students battling 3 groups 1, the clip is approximately 26 seconds long, is an attacking event of 3 male students, punching only 1 male student but unable to knock down one student on the side. have

Last afternoon, yesterday afternoon (February 28), the medianewsTraveled to a school in Tatum Sub-district, Sangkha District, Surin Province It is expected that the school was the scene. But since it isDay offCan’t go inside the school

Mr. Pichit Somchai, headman

MedianewsTherefore traveled to the house of Mr. Pichit Somchai, headman of Khok Sa-nga Village No. 13, Ban Khok Sa-ngan, Tatum Sub-district, Sangkha District, Surin Province, which has a sequence of events to hear that The incident occurred on Feb. 26 at their village boarding school. Which occurred during the school organized a scholarship grant activity After the ceremony, the children were allowed to eat together. Which he also attended the scholarship ceremony at the school Before excusing to come back first

When viewing a clip that the villagers have shared before the owner of the post will delete the clip. They feel uncomfortable Therefore called the parents of all 4 parties to adjust their understanding With no one attached to this event With a stick holding hands and apologizing to each other

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After that, the reporter went to the house of the fallen boy and was crowded by 3 other friends, using both legs and punching to find Mrs. Supeap, 60, who had the honor of Nong A’s grandmother (nickname) that appeared in the clip. Such

Grandma Supeab and Nong A (name have been changed)Grandma Supeab and Nong A (name have been changed)

Mrs. Supeab Said that Nong A is the eldest grandchild Is the son of their eldest daughter. The parents separated from the age of 3 years old. By themselves, raising 3 grandchildren together, this house lives together with 4 people living together. In which Nong A’s life is in perfect physical condition Your arms will be bent and deformed. When the arms are spread open, the arms are clearly bent. She is a very poor person.

Grandma Supeap said that since yesterday, she saw the clip of her grandson being attacked. The head of the grandmother was almost broken. In which he had a poor status Was unable to say much In the morning, the headman called out to talk to mediate and shake hands. Both of them dispersed, not attracted to each other By receiving an apology from the opponent

side Nong A (name has been changed), the boy in the clip Said that the events that appeared in the clip were real Is an event that takes place during the lunch break after they have finished eating When the reporter asked Why did this happen? Nong A continued that it was because of friends. Shown in the clip, used for him to wash the dishes for I said that I do not wash. Which may bring up the dissatisfaction of friends in the clip, thus occurring such events

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When the reporter asked if this happened often or not Nong said that this kind of incident happened since he was in the 1st grade, and in the past there was no incidents that would incite this kind of violence. But in this time he was the most to be patient When being hit by friends In the crowd of bullying all the time When the reporter asked if the teacher knew about being teased often, Nong A said that she didn’t know.

After that, the reporter went to ask the other party but was not interviewed by one of the opponent’s parents. Briefly told reporters that their son is a good person Where the other party had a fight back as well


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