Open fire incident Director of King Mongkut’s Hospital Not satisfied, pay the treatment fee 130 baht, usually only 30 baht.

Not enough in the morning to see a doctor. Treatment costs are 100 baht more expensive. In the late afternoon, the director of King Mongkut’s Hospital was fired.

At 22.00 (19 Dec 20) at the Provincial Police Division Samut Songkhram Province, Maj. Gen. Sumeth Punnasi, Phobok, Provincial Police, Samut Songkhram, Pol. Maj. Uthai Kawindechathorn, Commander of Police, PolicePhetchaburi Pol. Maj. Gen. Noppasilpoonsawat, Ph.D. Investigation Department, Region 7, with investigation kit Jointly announcednewsIn the event that the criminal acted as a patient after the examination, he was shown to be the criminal using a 9mm gun to fire at it. Dr. Chumpol Dechaampai, age 57, Phrachomklao Hospital Director Which is the hospital in Phetchaburi province and the owner of Chumpon Clinic, No. 45 Mataya Wong Road, Tha Rab Subdistrict, Mueang Phetchaburi District, Phetchaburi Province, 7 shots died in the clinic examination room.

Before walking out to get a white sedan with no brand name And registration number Which is parked on the opposite side of the clinic, quickly drove away The incident occurred around 11:30 AM on December 19, 2020, later investigators arrested. Mr. Denphum, 22 years old At room number 19, a hotel in Bang Kaeo Subdistrict, Mueang District, Samut Songkhram Province With a 9-gauge firearm, no registration and more than 100 ammunition, brought to investigate the Provincial Police Investigation Division Samut Songkhram Province Before returning to Phetchaburi tonight To make a plan for meeting my confession tomorrow In which the inquiry official will notify the medianewsIn Phetchaburi Province again

Maj. Gen. Sumet said that from the initial inquiry, the accused said that he was not satisfied with the service provided. King Mongkut’s Hospital Have written suggestions and complaints many times But still not fixed Later accumulated dissatisfaction And continue to know that the director of King Mongkut’s Hospital The clinic opened at the scene In addition, today the accused went to the hospital at 9 am and paid 130 baht for treatment, thus causing dissatisfaction because usually only 30 baht to treat all diseases. In addition, the accused has been using drugs for a long time. Causing a distortion And today bought methamphetamine for 1,000 baht from the morning until such an event happened Therefore unable to control consciousness

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Before the accident happened Until causing such an incident In the case of adultery, the initial investigation found that Dr. Chumpon had no adulterous behavior. And the perpetrators did not know that the young woman she secretly liked worked at this clinic. This incident considered Dr. Chumpon to be one of the victims. Being abused by a drug addict The police arrest this suspect is a dedication of all police officers in every province to work together to prevent violence in various hospitals. Which the officer will investigate for the real cause further

Initially charged with intentional manslaughter, having firearms, ammunition without permission, taking firearms to town, village or public without permission. And take drugs Which will collect evidence for further prosecution

However, I would like to ask my brothers and sisters that drugs make people lose their minds. And even the smallest cause can easily cause mischief


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