Open Democrat Kim Jin-ae runs for Seoul Mayor… Upon resignation, Kim Eui-gyeom succeeded to the assembly

Jin-ae Kim, representative of the Open Democratic Party. Reporter Oh Jong-taek

Kim Jin-ae, head of the Open Democratic Party, will run for the Seoul Mayor’s by-election in April next year. When Wonnae Kim is confirmed as a candidate for the mayor of Seoul and gives up the position of parliament, the 4th proportional representative of the Opening Party, Kim Eui-gyeom, a former Blue House spokesman will take over.

Through a press release on the 26th, the Opening Party said, “CEO Kim Won-nae, as an urban expert, urged to promote real development that wisely leads the necessary development, and to implement residential policies and urban policies that encompass living, work, shelter, and recreation in the post-corona era. “I will emphasize it,” he said, “I will become a cool, energetic, and pleasant mayor of Seoul.” Representative Kim Won-nae is scheduled to declare a run for the National Assembly on the 27th.

Kim Won-nae, an urban planning expert from MIT University in the United States, served as the chairman of the Roh Moo-hyun administration’s architectural culture advancement committee, and when he was the 18th member of the National Assembly, he intensively explored the issues of the Lee Myung-bak administration’s four rivers projects.

In the 21st general election held in April, he was elected the 1st proportional representative of the Democratic Party. In the 21st National Assembly, he is active in the National Land Transport Commission after passing through the National Assembly Legislative Judicial Committee.

When Wonnae Kim becomes a candidate for the mayor of Seoul and resigns from the office, the former Cheongwadae spokesman Kim Eui-gyeom, the fourth proportional representative, will take over. Under the Public Officials Election Act, when a public official runs for a by-election, the deadline for resigning from public office is 30 days before the election. Next year’s re-election will take place on April 7.

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Reporter Jeong Hye-jeong [email protected]

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