“Open AI Releases iPhone ChatGPT App for Homework Help and More”

It must have been extremely frustrating for the smartphone generation, shoving behind a computer to let ChatGPT write your homework. That now comes to an end with an official OpenAI app for iPhones.

Open AI announces iPhone ChatGPT app release

The app is already available for download in the US. When asked if the app will also be available in other countries, the answer was somewhat half-baked. Yes, the app will be released in more countries, but which countries or when remains in the dark for now. The company does announce that it will announce more about this in the coming weeks.

The company behind the now world-famous “AI” chatbot does indicate that it will also come up with an Android app. Even less is known about the release of this app. That an Android release comes later than the version for Apple devices is nothing special. Android runs on much more hardware than iOS. Getting the app to run stably on all those phones simply takes time. As soon as more is known about the ChatGPT app for Android, you can read it on apparata.nl!

App just like web version both in free and paid variant

Writing a good prompt for a chatbot can be quite time consuming. It is therefore useful that the app comes with speech recognition as standard. Free users can access all basic features just like on the web version. Subscribers have access to the improved GPT-4 model and also get early access to new features. Don’t ask how, but it has also been stated that the app works faster for subscribers than for people who use it for free.

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However, given the current attention for “AI” among legislators, the question is whether the app can continue to offer the same functionality for a long time to come. Both the EU and the US are closely monitoring developments.

2023-05-29 13:55:32
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