Open a Concert on KompasTV, Slank Beat with ‘Samber Gledex’ and ‘You Must Grak’

Slank Concert on KompasTV (Source: Youtube KompasTV)

KOMPASTV – The long-awaited concert of Indonesian music lovers to return to see Slank in action finally materialized.

Slank immediately hit the concert song with the song “Samber Gledex” and “Lo Must Grak” created by Bimbim.

KompasTV with the National Narcotics Agency and the Slank Band Group, will hold a virtual charity concert.

“Happy International Narcotics Day 2020, we open with blues first,” Kaka said opening the concert, “Saturday (06/27/2020).

Aside from being a series of commemoration of International Anti Narcotics Day, this virtual charity concert also aims to collect donations for people affected by the 19th pandemic.

The commemoration of the International Anti Narcotics Day held by the National Narcotics Agency this year is different from usual due to the co-19 pandemic.

Hopefully, this concert can arouse the spirit of the people of Indonesia, who are affected by the pandemic and move the community to help each other.


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