Op1 guest detained by police | Entertainment

entertainment“>Belgium has introduced border controls to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. At the border crossings, entry and exit controls have been introduced for non-essential movements, and the guest experienced this Hugo Logtenberg and Sophie Hilbrand personally.

entertainment“>”The police stopped me. I was not allowed to enter the Netherlands because I was not allowed to drive to the Netherlands for any professional reason. In Belgium we have strict guidelines that you can only drive to work or do your shopping, otherwise you are not allowed on the road, ”the guest explained by telephone. He was invited to the talk show to say that younger healthy people can also become seriously ill from the corona virus.

entertainment“>On 1 had turned the talk show on Friday evening, so that Hugo and Sophie could be further apart than the other presentation duos. Sophie was unable to attend due to a cold last week during Friday’s edition. She was replaced by Fidan Ekiz, The NPO announced this week that the talk show will be made seven days a week from this week and will continue in the summer. Jeroen Pauw and Fidan Ekiz take care of Sunday.

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