Oo la la! Jeff Goldblum (67) recreates the shirtless shot from ‘Jurassic Park’


Jeff Goldblum is one of us and continues to treat us to behind-the-scenes snaps on the set of Jurassic World: Dominion.

The actor had urged voters to register and apply for ballots online for the upcoming presidential election in November. This was possible on his INSTAGRAM via a special link.

When 1,000 people did this, it would be a familiar scene Jurassic Park reenact. When that goal was reached, he made a copy of the ‘chaos theory’ scene with Sam Neill instead of Laura Dern (view here).

A promise is a debt
Goldblum promised another recreation with the next 1,000 actions. Once again people have spoken and the actor has posted a picture of what may have become for many the most iconic moment (next to the dinosaurs) in the film; a shirtless Ian Malcolm. Admittedly, for someone of almost 70, Goldblum may still be there!

Jurassic World: Dominion from recurring writer / director Colin Trevorrow has unfortunately recently moved and will now only appear in June 2022.

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