OnlyFans: – Kicked after sex at school

On October 31, science teacher Samantha Peer of Thunderbolt Middle School in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, received fired when it was discovered that she had done porn with her husband in one of the school classrooms.

The intimate clips were posted on OnlyFans, a service widely used to monetize sexual content.

However, it didn’t take long before one of the students found out what the teacher was talking about and the videos started circulating around the school.

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Will follow

In November, Peer said he started using OnlyFans to earn a modest income as a teacher.

She is now no longer wanted on the platform, she writes New York Post.

According to the newspaper, she has been banned and the account can no longer be searched.

Peer has not yet commented on the ban.

OnlyFans declined to comment on this single case to the newspaper.

However, they refer to the guidelines, which do not allow users to upload recorded sexual content in a public place.

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Poor economy

It was in early November that it became known that Peer, who was a teacher in eighth grade, had been doing porn at school.

She recorded the intimate scenes with her husband, who had a place in an elementary school in the same city. Later she also lost her job.

In November, Peer shared a Youtube videos where he explained that before the summer he started with a somewhat unusual big mouth due to poor finances.

- Need meat on my body

– Need meat on my body

– My children are the most important thing to me. I already spend countless hours working extra hours outside of working hours, and I don’t think it’s fair that I have to sacrifice time with my kids because the teacher’s salary isn’t good enough, she said.

– I got to a point where the family could no longer survive on the income of two teachers, she added.

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Shocked parents

Peer admitted to doing porn in class, but pointed out that it happened on weekends when no students were present.

He explained that he created an anonymous profile on OnlyFans and made the account unavailable in all of Arizona.

However, the videos ended up in the hands of his students – and eventually parents and school colleagues as well – who reacted strongly.

On November 7, the school sent an email to parents with information about what had happened.

– We have been notified that students have been sharing explicit material. This did not occur during school hours and the person pictured is no longer working at the school, the email said, according to the news website Arizona family.

Parents were also asked to remove the videos from their children’s cellphones and to have a chat with them about the sensible use of technology and social media.

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Several parents were shocked. One mother claimed that Peer linked to her Only-Fans account on social media and that the account was then easily accessible to the public.

– I’m a taxpayer. I don’t pay for these teachers to make pornography. They are paid to educate our children, which demands a lot from them, said mother Kristina Minor Today’s News-Herald.

School spokeswoman Andrea Helart told the same newspaper that she does not comment publicly on staffing matters.

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