Only the Canary Islands lower the monthly bus bonus

Use a bonobus or monedero card similar that allows the transhipment can have a price difference of 289.3% depending on the provincial capital where the user is located.

It is one of the conclusions of the annual comparison of city bus fares carried out by Facua-Consumidores en Acción in 57 Spanish cities and which also reveals that solo Canary Islands lowered the cost of monthly transport vouchers.

The card that allows unlimited travel in one month it is offered in 41 of the 57 cities included in the study. Its rate varies between 15 euros in Albacete and 54.60 euros in Madrid, the same price as the last four years. The average rate is € 33.85, 1% higher than in 2021, when the average was € 33.50.

Three cities raise their rates for this transport ticket: Bilbao by 10% (from € 30 in 2021 to € 33 in 2022), Gijón by 7.3% (from € 37 to € 39.70) and Pamplona by 4% ( from € 30 to € 31.20). For their part, there are two who have reduced the price of the monthly pass in the last year: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria up to 20% (from 35 euros in 2021 to 28 euros in 2022) and Santa Cruz de Tenerife 5% (from 40 to 38 euros).


The analysis considers the usual rates for each territoryand does not take into account the discounts applied exceptionally by the Government until the end of the year.

The study of Facua shows that Madrid, San Sebastián and Barcelona continue to be the cities with the most expensive fares when using a bus pass or similar ATM with bank transfer, the same that happened in 2021 and 2020. Meanwhile, Lugo has the cheapest single ticket of all (0.64 euros) and Santiago has more tickets with the lowest cost per journey (0.60 euros).

On average, travel by bus using a voucher or similar reloadable card with transfer (the one offered by 51 of the 57 cities analyzed) costs 0.77 euros. The case of Cáceres is striking, which includes this category in its fares, while maintaining the same price as a single journey, ie 1.10 euros, with the possibility, yes, of making a transfer (something that the ordinary ticket does not allow).

A user can save, on average, around € 0.47 per journey if he uses a bus pass with transfer instead of a single or single journey ticket.

The the route with this card is the most expensive from Madrid (1.83 euros), which has maintained the same price since 2019, followed by San Sebastián (1.26 euros), Barcelona (1.14 euros), Cáceres and Girona (1.10 euros) and Lleida (1 euros). None of these cities have changed the amount in this category from the 2021 and 2020 rates.

On the other hand, the cheapest trips for this category are found in Burgos (0.47 euros), Logroño (0.53 euros), Ávila (0.55 euros), Salamanca (0.59 euros) and Santiago de Compostela, Vitoria and Segovia (all, 0, 60 euros).

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Passengers at the bus interchange stops in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. | | CARSTEN W. LAURITSEN AND

One way ticket

Of the total number of cities analyzed, there are six in the last year it has increased the price of a one-way or one-way ticket. In Gijón this increase is 20%, going from 1.25 in 2021 to 1.50 euros in 2022. It has also increased by 12.5% ​​in Palencia (from 0.80 to 0.90 euros), by 9% in Teruel (from 1.10 to 1.20 euros), 8% in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (from 1.25 to 1.35 euros) and 3.7% in Pamplona (from 1.35 to 1.40 euros). It should be noted that the price of the one-way ticket has not been reduced in any of them.

The one-way or one-way ticket costs an average of 1.24 euros in 2022. Compared to last year it has increased by 0.9%. The difference between the most expensive city (Barcelona, ​​where it costs 2.40 euros) and the cheapest (Lugo, with a rate of 0.64 euros) is 275%.

government discount

As an exceptional fit for encourage the use of public transportthe Spanish government finances a 30% reduction on the price of all season tickets and multi-trip tickets in land collective public transport services of regional or local competition, sold between 1 September and 31 December 2022. Regional and local administrations also have the possibility of extending this discount up to 50% with their own financial contributions.

A total of 35 of the 57 cities analyzed in this study are generally applying a 30% discount on season tickets and multi-trip passes. For their part, there are 11 of them who have increased this discount to 50%: Albacete, Bilbao, Burgos, Córdoba, Las Palmas, Ourense, Palma de Mallorca, Pontevedra, San Sebastián, Santa Cruz de Tenerife (monthly pass for residents only) and Vittoria.

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