“Only over my corpse”: Valeria put forward a tough ultimatum to Prigogine

The artist and producer have been together for almost 20 years, but recently there have been difficulties in their marriage. The blonde is outraged by Prigogine’s penchant for collecting.

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Many consider the marriage of 54-year-old Alla Perfilova (better known by her stage name Valery) and Joseph Prigogine to be exemplary. Still: in public, the singer and music producer demonstrate a real idyll. However, it turned out that behind closed doors the couple quarrels very often, and sometimes it almost comes to physical assault. The artist is annoyed by the fact that her husband, like primitive people, lives by gathering. It turned out that Iosif Igorevich loves to buy useless things that clutter up the house. Alla Yurievna complained about her husband to the journalists of the program “You won’t believe!” on the NTV channel.

“It’s just impossible! I can not do it any longer! We have such a stylish house, beautiful. Our shelves are awesome, slowly filling up, inevitably. I say: “Do you understand that every thing should have its own place?”. These things don’t fit together, it’s just some kind of state of chaos, ”Valeria does not hide her emotions.

Prigogine himself only smiles: indeed, he loves to buy souvenirs, small things, “different things”. It got to the point that the performer of the hit “Watch” put forward who put her in her shorts to his beloved, a tough ultimatum: “Only through my corpse can I acquire some kind of figurine.” Valeria also ordered a special door for the refrigerator so that Prigozhin could not hang magnets on it.

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“We don’t have a refrigerator. No, there is a refrigerator, but there is such a door – it is closed with a tree so that magnets cannot be fixed, ”the producer throws up his hands.

However, he is not discouraged at all. Prigozhin says that since Valeria took such measures, he decided to buy kitchen utensils – pots, pans, cups, graters, cutlery. His wife does not raise a hand to throw out these items.

A source: NTV

Photo source: Boris Kudryavov

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