ONLY ON THE BOX: The arrested Joanna P. from the “Królowych Życia” is a BANKRUT?! “She lived on the cohabitant’s money”

When the information was made public that she was known for participating in the program Queens of Life Joanna P. went to jail for accusations of bribery, many assumed that it was she, not her accused of involved in a murder cohabitant, sponsored a “gift” for the prosecutor in the amount of million zlotys. The “star” of television liked to dazzle with its wealth at every turn. After all, it was no secret that she inherited a lot of money from her deceased father and a thriving florist empire.

Now it turns out, however, that such a scenario is highly unlikely. According to the information he got boxes, Joanna P. she had long since lost millions from her inheritance. The lavish life of the heroine Life Queens it was supposed to be funded by her cohabitant, accused of participating in the murder of a 75-year-old woman from Warsaw.

Joanna P. was the heiress of a floristic fortune – her deceased father built a huge network of florists, but it has been bankrupt in recent years. She lived on the money of Adam J. – says our source.

Interestingly, Joanna P. was supposed to become interested in her future partner in life (and crime) as her accounts glowed empty.


Adam J. met Joanna P. when she was already bankrupt. She squandered everything. She couldn’t manage a large company. The money she made in the stock market, she lost by gambling. It started in the casino it ended with one-armed bandits. She also spent a lot of money on partying – the editors were informed Boxes.

Did you expect such a turn of events?

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