"Only murmur Romy and the images invade us"

INTERVIEW: Romy Schneider turned 80. Far from odious biographies that overestimated his tormented soul, journalist Jean-Pierre Lavoignat and Sarah Biasini, the daughter of the actress, released a book titled Romy. In this very enriching book of rare photos, it returns to the essential, the subtle strength of its game.
On September 23, 2018, Romy Schneider would celebrate its 80th anniversary today. He has spent the time since his tragic death thirty-six years. And no one has forgotten the roles of women as strong as tormented that they played with endless precision in the films of their French pigmalet Claude Sautet. To honor him, his daughter Sarah Biasini, supported by film critic Jean-Pierre Lavoignat, has just published a richly documented book, simply titled Romy (Flammarion). »ALSO LET THERE – Alain Delon pays homage to Romy Schneider» READ OUT – FOCUS – «Romy Schneider's genius was his hypersensitivity» Co-author Jean-Pierre Lavoignat, curator of the exhibition dedicated to Romy Schneider in 2011, agreed to respond to Figaro's questions to illuminate the mystery of the charm of the enormous German actress whose heart beat France. A FIGARO. – How did you get that passion for Romy Schneider? Jean-Pierre LAVOIGNAT. – She's just a fascinating actress. Romy is part of our life. Boy, I saw Sissi, who are amazing stories of fairies. And then, in the second part of his career, we find Sautet's films an actress capable of playing everything. Look through its roles as a symbol of the modern woman of the 70s and 80s. You know, it is enough to murmur Romy and the images invade us Why Romy Schneider is still present today? Rarely does an actress so moved and so beautiful. His career, which began at an early age of 15 years, was always driven by an enormous absolute desire that could help him escape his own legend. And then we must not forget its tragic destiny, marked by the death of his son. The general public will then understand that he can be a superstar and, at the same time, a woman like the other with her misfortunes, her sorrows. It is fashionable today to talk about Sissi's films with a contempt and think that Romy wanted to erase this moment of his career … I think that today there are people who usually play and, therefore, caricature Romy Schneider's life. To begin I want to say that Sissi's character in Marischka's films is a non-conformist princess. Obviously, all this is counted in a very positive way but does not prevent the film from naturally immediately offering you a role in which you can express the rebel part of your personality, it is still incipient. I remember that he was only sixteen years old. What is certain, however, is that Romy during his career wanted to move forward in his art. It was necessary to take action before reaching the masterpieces that he created with Sautet. She had to shape the fate of an actress. We can not understand the meaning of his career if we do not take into account this demanding self-perfectionism. So, exactly how you think this unique actress will always admire in La Piscine, César and Rosalie, The Old Rifle … It will be a long way that will scale step by step. In the early years he worked with Orson Welles and Luchino Visconti. With them, it certainly is not commercial cinema. She wants to understand her genius and so there's only one way: play under her direction. In Ludwig or Twilight of the Gods, he will assume the role of Elizabeth of Austria. But this time, its composition, guided by Visconti, is more tragic. There is the path of her fate as an actress. You always want to overcome. What are Romy Schneider's best films? This is a difficult question because all his filmography is interested in the cinéfilo they are. But if you have to choose, I would choose the five films where it is directed by Claude Sautet. With The Things of Life the filmmaker will find his muse and Romy his pigmalet. This encounter is both a miracle and the fruit of predestination. ● FOCUS – "The genius of Romy Schneider was his hypersensitivity" FOCUS – "Romy Schneider's genius was his hypersensitivity" – Watch Figaro Live.

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