Only in “24 hours” on September 24th

Only in “24 hours” of September 24 does it read:

Buying or selling a property is already a risk!

After the crazy prices comes the peak: in Sofia there is no old panel below 1,800 per square meter, even for a paneled apartment the price in Sofia already reaches 1,800 euros per square meter. Now is not the time to invest in apartments for investment purposes, because 6 months after the banks have adjusted their mortgage rates, the cooling of the market will be felt.

If you eat cabbage (without pork), you don’t have to indulge of the powerful (according to Diogenes and Asen Vasilev)

A hot wave brings astronomical autumn, at the end of
month – on the beach

“24 hours” project for household savings: The three main mistakes in the race for inflation

Gligi and gambling – the provocateurs

Bogdan Tomov: I started as a machinist at the Musical Theaterbecause I knew something different was going to happen to me

Valeri Yordanov: I can’t stand criticism of young people – who were also satisfied with cyber life

Look at the front pages of “24 Chasa” from September 24th over the years to date. The headlines are interesting: remember what Bulgaria was going through. And stories that explain why we are where we are.

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