Only around 740 Styrian tobacconists left: And again tobacconists in the center of Graz said goodbye

The smoke signals cannot be overlooked, they announce the dramatic decline in tobacconists in Styria. Ten years ago there were still around 1100 locations, today there are only around 740. Or rather 737, but within a few weeks three well-known tobacconists in Graz were closed: First, the operators of the glass kiosk at the Iron Gate (in front of the bookstore Moser), then the colleague from Operntrafik also took her hat off – “involuntarily and forever”, as she emphasized with a sigh. As has now become known, farewell number three followed at the end of 2022: The barrier was also installed in front of the tobacconist on Conrad-von-Hötzendorf-Straße, near the fashion school on Ortweinplatz and opposite the KIZRoyal cinema.

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