Only a week after the positive test. But Trump would like to be among his constituents

Trump spent about three days at Bethesda Military Hospital, and doctors injected him with a cocktail of vaccines, drugs and antibodies. Doctors also gave him oxygen support several times.

A few days after he returned to the White House, however, everything is different – according to his personal physician, Sean Conley, Trump is fine. And he may return to the vortex of the election campaign, in which he is fighting for re-election as leader of the United States.

Conley according to British public law BBC he said on Thursday night that Trump’s response to the administered substances was “very good” and that his condition was stable. The White House chief is now planning a weekend meeting with his constituents. “I expect the president to be able to resume his public activities without risk from then on,” the doctor said in a White House report.

The upcoming event would take place in Florida, one of the key elected states in the election. “I think I’ll try to hold a meeting on Saturday night if we have enough time to hold it, but we want to do a meeting – probably in Florida on Saturday night, maybe I’ll come back and have one the next night in Pennsylvania,” the president said. on Thursday in an interview with Fox News.

But whether the event will really happen in the end is still a question. Trump should undergo another coronavirus test on Friday. According to some experts, the president wants to return to the pre-election rush too soon. And the opposition, led by Democrat Nancy Pelosi, the head of the House of Representatives, questions CNN Trump’s judgment. According to them, he is affected by the drugs he received.

“If you catch him, you will recover”

The current US president is less than 10 days after a positive test and hospitalization, according to the US newspaper The New York Times he declaredthat “when (covid-19) you catch, you will recover.” He returned to the rhetoric that, despite more than 217,000 American victims, downplays the severity of coronavirus disease.

However, his approach to Covid-19 is not shared, for example, by the Presidential Debate Commission on the next debate between the two candidates, Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden. They moved the debate to the online space precisely because of the health concerns of those involved. But on Thursday, Trump announced that he would not take part in the virtual discussion. “I will not waste my time in an online debate, this is not how debating works. Sitting at a computer and debating is ridiculous, “he said in an interview with Fox Business.

The Trump presidential campaign team is now pushing for the event to take place in its original format. That is, next Thursday in Miami, Florida at the Adrienne Arsht Center. “There is no medically valid reason why the Presidential Debates Commission should move the debate to a virtual format or reschedule or otherwise change it.” said the president’s team in a statement on Thursday.

A drug developed by a method rejected by Trump

The current tenant of the White House was under the scrutiny of the media at the time of the treatment. On Thursday, she came up with information about an experimental product from Regeneron, which experts describe as very promising, and Trump used in his treatment.

Cocktail of REGN-COV2 antibodies by scientists according to NOW developed, inter alia, from cell lines that began with cells from a legally aborted human fetus. The media warns that this is a kind of conflict of interest – while the president praises the substance, which has not yet been approved by the authorities as a “cure”, it is created by a method that the president’s government stopped funding last year. She stated as a reason at the time that, despite the scientific contribution, it is necessary to find another way of research due to ethical issues. And the president generally speaks out against abortion.

The antiviral drug remdesivir is developed in the same way and is given to patients with a more severe course of coronavirus disease. Trump got it too. According to the magazine Science Opponents of abortion from American and Canadian Catholic circles protested against the use of the remdesivir in June.

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