Online raffle for blood donors

Friday June 18, 2021

Temeswar – The Timisoara blood donation center has been calling for blood to be donated for three weeks now, as there are too few blood products in group A +. The main reason for a 25 percent increase in demand from hospitals is that interventions are now being carried out that had to be postponed during lockdowns and restrictions, says the head of the Timisoara blood transfusion center, Rodica Lighezan. The daily requirement for blood units is around 100 (the Timisoara center serves 17 hospitals in the Timisoara district), but since the outbreak of the corona pandemic the number has decreased to an average of 50-60 donors per day. For World Blood Donation Day, the transfusion center in Timisoara started the “month of the blood donor” on Monday. Each day is dedicated to a specific illness or procedure that requires blood transfusions; For example, Monday was anemia day, Tuesday was dedicated to traffic accidents, Wednesday was dedicated to sarcoid, and today, Friday, donations are made for transplants. With the help of sponsors and the ACAS Foundation (Asociația pentru Capacitarea Abilităților Speciale – Association for the Promotion of Special Skills), there are daily gifts (coffee, fruit, sweets, stickers) and a raffle, in which the blood donors can win various prizes: or concert tickets, t-shirts, sports equipment and more

On the one hand, the campaign is a thank you for those who regularly donate blood, and on the other hand, it is intended to increase visibility and motivate Timisoara to make this selfless and life-saving gesture. The campaign has already seen its first successes, especially since 117 people donated blood on Monday. Also on Monday the Timisoara blood donation center put the mobile units back into operation, through which an average of an additional 20-50 donors per day can be found. The Timisoara blood donation center is located next to the district hospital and is open daily between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m.


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