Onirik – Blood, sweat and saliva …

Presentation of the editor

Among bodily fluids, blood is by far the most well-known. But the human body brews very many fluids: every day, two and a half liters of fluids enter and leave our body, playing an essential role throughout our life.

From urine which evacuates waste to the lymph which maintains the hydration of the body, passing through the mucus which protects our sensory and respiratory organs, this book takes us on a discovery of the astonishing ballet of bodily fluids.

Hiro’s review

For hundreds of years, humans thought they were made up of just four bodily fluids: blood, mucus, yellow bile, and black bile. Now, there are no less than fifty!

Blood, sweat and saliva … written by the Norwegian Asmund Eikenes is not going to give us an individual explanation of all these fluids, although he begins his book with a small listing of them by listing them all.

The author stops and develops the most interesting. Classically, it begins with the blood, its usefulness and its various components. Then it will go through the fluids giving life. It reminds us in passing of the course of the spermatozoa and their obstacle course to fertilize an egg. We then look at the fluids surrounding and nourishing baby such as breast milk and its usefulness. But it does not stop there, because we take a little tour of digestion and many other things.

Asmund Eikenes navigates with a certain logic among the substances contained in our body. He presents them to us and shows us their interest by explaining to us the different experiences that have taken place or discoveries related to these fluids. Be careful, however, in these parts, you sometimes have to have a good heart, because Man, to understand, has implemented more or less shocking experiments, especially with human guinea pigs or from animal species.

Understanding the body and its mechanisms is complex. On each page, we discover something. If the vocabulary of the book is adapted for the general public, it is not easy to read either, because it is necessary to digest the exposed knowledge.

Blood, sweat and saliva … is a fascinating book. Do not hesitate to immerse yourself in it if the functioning of the human body interests you and if you are fond of anecdotes! Did you know, for example, that an ice cream composed of 75% human breast milk and 25% cow’s milk had been marketed? No ? So go ahead and discover the why and how.

Technical sheet

Format: paperback
Pages : 224
Publisher: Dunod
Released: February 3, 2021
Price: € 18.90



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