Onimusha Animated Film: First Trailer Released – Premieres November 2023 on Netflix

Onimusha Animated Film: First Trailer Released – Premieres November 2023 on Netflix

A franchise that truly longs to find its way back into the gaming industry, there is no more appropriate sentence to describe Onimusha’s position in the gaming industry today. Moreover, this occurred in the midst of Capcom’s rise as a developer and publisher which has succeeded in carrying out this impossible task through remake projects and exploration of the latest series of its iconic franchise over the last few years. Even though this hope is still just a dream, at least Capcom has paid a little attention through its adaptation project into an animated film under the Netflix banner. The same film that finally released its first trailer.

With the broadcast schedule getting closer, Capcom and Netflix have finally released the first trailer for the animated film Onimusha which uses a thicker 3D approach. Which are interesting? This animated film will apparently be directed by Takashi Miike, a seasoned director who is likely familiar if you enjoy Japanese films. He is the mastermind of films such as Ichi the Killer, Blade of Immortal, and Audition. This Onimusha film will focus on the figure of Musashi Miyamoto who is now of course armed with the Omni Gauntlet to destroy the Genma.

Onimusha will air on Netflix starting early November 2023.

The animated film Onimusha will premiere on November 2, 2023. What do you think? Looks interesting?

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