Ongoing in Vidio, Live Streaming Liga 2 2021, Sunday 26 September 2021: Persis Solo vs PSG Pati, Jakarta – Persis Solo vs PSG Pati will be the opening match League 2 2021. The 2021 Liga 2 Group C team duel will be held on Sunday, September 26, 2021.

Persis Solo against PSG Pati will be held at the Manahan Stadium, Solo, Central Java starting at 18.30 WIB.

The PSG Pati squad admits that they are ready to welcome Persis Solo in the first match League 2 2021 // 2021.

“I think the team is ready to compete tomorrow, we have waited all this time for Liga 2 2021,” said Nugroho Fathur Rochman as PSG Pati captain, quoted from the club’s official Instagram source in a press statement.

Similar to the opponent, Persis Solo is also ready to play the inaugural match of Liga 2 this season against the club owned by Atta Halilintar and Putra Siregar.

“This week the team has done a lot of tactical training and is ready to play the first match against PSG. Of course there is high motivation for the team because they play at PSG. home and the players are ready to work hard for the best result for Persis. Can’t be careless. Not only PSG Pati, all the teams in the group are worth watching out for.” said Eko Purdjianto quoted from the club’s official website.

“From a technical point of view, we are ready, we have tried several times and hopefully the results will be good,” he continued.

Jadwal & Link live streaming League 2 2021 Persis Solo vs PSG Pati is available on the second page of this article.



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