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Oneprix National Championship 2021 Held Without Spectators and Live TVOne Broadcast!

mobilinanews (Jakarta) – Chairman of the Indonesian People’s Consultative Assembly and General Chair of the Central Indonesian Motor Association (IMI) Bambang Soesatyo confirmed that the TVone Oneprix Championship National Championship will be held again this year, after being delayed for a year.

Organized by IMI with Oneprix Motorsport Management (OMM), supported by TVone as a broadcasting partner, the Oneprix Championship 2021 will roll out in six series.

A total of 90-120 racers from the age of 8 to 50 years will participate by competing in various championship classes.

“The opening series will be held on 19-20 June 2021 at Sentul International Karting Circuit (SIKC). Series 2 on 24-25 July 2021 and Series 3 on 21-22 August 2021 will still be held at SIKC. For Series 4 on 18-19 September 2021 , Series 5 on October 16-17 2021, and Series 6 on November 13-14 2021 will be determined further according to the conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic in various regions. The strongest candidates include Semarang, Surabaya and Tasikmalaya,” said Bamsoet after receiving Oneprix Motorsport Management (OMM), in Jakarta, Monday (7/6/2021).

The Oneprix Motorsport Management (OMM) ranks were present, President Director Imam Sulisto, Legal Manager Purwoko Suadmaji, as well as other administrators Mago Sarwono and Yanuardi. From the Central IMI, there were Eddy Saputra (Plt Deputy for Motorcycle Sports) and Elvis Junaedi (Chairman of Inter-Agency).

The chairman of the 20th Indonesian House of Representatives explained that there were still 4 classes held at the 2021 Oneprix Championship. Namely Oneprix 1 or OP1 (150cc Tune Up Expert Duck Class), Oneprix 2 or OP2 (150cc Duck Novice Tune Up Class) and Oneprix 3 or OP3 (150cc Standard Duck Rookie Class). As well as Oneprix 4 or OP4 (ECU Standard).

“Various prizes have been prepared for the winners. For OP1, OP2, and OP3, 1st place winner gets Rp. 12 million, 2nd winner gets Rp. 9 million, 3rd place gets Rp. 6 million, and Season Champion for each class gets Rp. 50 million. For OP4, the 1st place winner gets Rp. 2 million, the 2nd place winner gets Rp. 1 million, the 3rd place winner gets Rp. 750 thousand, the 4th place winner Rp. 500 thousand, and the 5th winner Rp. 350 thousand,” explained Bamsoet

The Deputy Chairperson of the Golkar Party explained that the implementation of the 2021 Oneprix Championship National Championship applies very strict health protocols.

In addition to the crew who are in the racing arena, they are required to wear masks, the event is also held without spectators, and an antigen test is mandatory for all participants and the Oneprix team before departing from their respective camps.

“The team of doctors and ambulances will always be present to monitor and maintain the event. A separate gate area will be provided for the production crew and Oneprix racer crew. All administrative activities will be carried out electronically,” explained Bamsoet. (bs)

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