OnePlus discrepancies? The co-founder and long-term face of the brand are leaving

A few days back, there was talk behind the scenes and then, of course, around OnePlus that one of its important representatives could be leaving. Specifically, Carl Pei, who he co-founded the company and especially in the first years of operation of this progressive brand played the role of her “face”. As confirmed today, the reports were true. The speculation was directly confirmed by Pei in a press release, in which he thanks for the opportunities and life experiences. From the text, it seems to be a peaceful breakup, but behind-the-scenes information claims that Carl Pei ends up at OnePlus due to disagreements with the current director. This is Pete Lau, whom we can see with presentations in recent years.


Carl Pei was crucial to the company for marketing activities in the West thanks to his performance and quality English. Which is something Pete Lau is catching up with now. There may be many other things behind the disagreements, but improving the current director in these aspects may have accelerated the breakup. One of the co-founders is leaving the company after almost seven years. Its further effect is not yet clear. He can join one of the competitors or start a new project. Carl Pei ends up at OnePlus just two days after the brand introduced the 8T.

Where do you think the steps of co-founder OnePlus will go?

Source: apolice

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