OneDrive increases maximum file size to 250GB

So far, the maximum file size we can upload to OneDrive is 100GB. Obviously, users of the free plan will not be affected by this limit as they do not have as much space available. However, there may be Office 365 users, who have 1 TB of cloud spaceThat they have come across this limit on more than one occasion.

Some files that are commonly uploaded to this cloud, such as 8K videos, 3D designs, CAD models, and databases, among other files, can easily exceed 100GB. Even in domestic environments it is possible to find this limit if we use OneDrive to save backup copies, upload a family album and even a game in ZIP format. And when this happens, the Microsoft cloud is no longer useful.

OneDrive will allow you to upload files of up to 250 GB

The company, continuing with its work to improve the operating system as much as possible, has decided to expand this maximum file size. And, therefore, from now on we can upload any type of file to this cloud of up to 250 GB. 250% more than until now.

For users who need to upload even larger files, Microsoft recommends slicing the files with a program, such as the file compressor itself, and uploading them individually. As each party is separately encrypted in the cloud with a unique key, data privacy will be even greater.

This change in maximum file size not only affects OneDrive, but also applies to other Microsoft services such as SharePoint and Teams.

This change will begin to reach users later this month, and will take several weeks to be available to everyone.

Get extra space on OneDrive

Microsoft offers all users a total of 15 GB free just for signing up. This space can be expanded up to 30 GB for free by meeting a series of requirements. From there, if we need to store more data within the Microsoft cloud, we will need to pay for the extra space.

Until recently, all we could do was purchase Office 365 so we could get 1 TB of cloud space, in addition to all the Office programs. However, right now it is possible to contract other independent storage plans that will allow us to better exploit the cloud. If we do not pay for Office 365 we can get 100 GB of independent storage for 2 euros per month.

And if we are Office 365 users, then we can get any of the following storage plans, which will be added to the terabyte of space that the subscription model already offers us:

  • 200 GB for 2 euros per month.
  • 400 GB for 4 euros per month.
  • 600 GB for 6 euros per month.
  • 800 GB for 8 euros per month.
  • 1 TB for 10 euros per month.

Of course, business plans have much more storage space. And this is where the maximum size increase to 250 GB is really noticeable.

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