One-year-old baby was abandoned by a coyote at the border video

The head of the United States Border Patrol, Raúl Ortiz, reported the discovery of a little baby, barely one year old, who was abandoned by a coyote at the water’s edge between the border with Mexico.

According to the data provided by the officer, the child is a Guatemalan national and a smuggler took him and left him on the side of the North American country on the banks of the Colorado River, this Monday, March 20.

“A one-year-old Guatemalan boy was abandoned on the banks of the Colorado River Monday afternoon by a smuggler who took him across the border and then left him alone at the water’s edge. Thanks to our agent’s quick response, the tragedy was avoided!”, says the publication of the head of the Border Patrol.

Likewise, Ortiz made a video public in which the moment of the rescue of the one-year-old baby abandoned at the border is appreciated.

Likewise, Ortiz shared a photograph in which an agent appears carrying the one-year-old baby who was abandoned by a coyote at the aforementioned border.

This is a situation that is repeated a lot between the two nations, since the smugglers do not feel any kind of compassion for the people they transport, not even for the children.

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Approximately two years ago, a surveillance camera captured the disturbing moment in which human traffickers threw two little girls from the border wall that divides Mexico from the United States.

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In the night vision images, an adult is seen at the height of the wall receiving one of the minors from the Mexican border, to later throw them from above towards the US side; later the person did the same with the other girl. Once the two little girls were on the ground, you can see the two traffickers running out of the place.

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