One unanswered customer question in Latvia costs 123 euros / day

During a pandemic, the role of customer service has grown significantly, especially given that many goods and services can only be purchased remotely by customers. Tele2 and SKDS survey data show that companies most often receive customer questions by phone (76.6%), e-mail (60.6%) and social networks (23.6%).

“We conducted a similar survey of entrepreneurs two years ago. What we can observe over the years is that customers have become much more valuable to companies. Of course, the pandemic and its limitations have made a big impression – loss, “says Tele2 Commercial Director Raivo Rosts. “As can be seen from the study, companies have also developed, as 18% of companies have already introduced inbound customer records and, accordingly, data are available on whether a particular customer has been served. Two years ago, there were only 13% of such companies.”

The reasons why companies do not answer customer questions are different. For example, in 21% of cases, entrepreneurs admit that customer questions are not answered because calls are received outside the company’s working hours, while in 20% of cases, customer consultants are busy talking to another customer. Significantly, 39% of entrepreneurs did not know how to name a specific reason for not answering customer calls, which may indicate that such an analysis is not performed.

As Tele2 representatives, the technological solutions that allow you to successfully track and serve customer issues today are very convenient and simple, and they do not require large investments. All this can actually be done with the help of a mobile phone.

The survey of Latvian entrepreneurs was conducted in cooperation with the research center SKDS in March this year. A total of 750 entrepreneurs were interviewed.

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