One of Washington sniper Owechkin’s “favorite” goalkeepers officially becomes a member of his team

Henriks Lundkvists | Photo: NHL

Swedish goalkeeper Henrik Lundqvist has officially become the goalkeeper of the National Hockey League (NHL) club “Capitals” in Washington, the club reports.

Earlier, TSN media reviewer Bob McCenzy said the 38-year-old hockey player would join the US capital unit. It was also officially confirmed yesterday, with Lundqvist signing a one-year contract for $ 1.5 million (€ 1.27 million).

Significantly, Lundqvist is one of the two goalkeepers with Capitals ’best goal scorer and one of the best snaiperiem in the history of the league Alexander Owechkin threw the most during his career – 24 goals.

After signing the contract, the Swede himself jokingly stated that he would not help the Russian hockey player to process his “logo” – a throw from the left throw circle.

Last season, Lundqvist shared the game with 24-year-old Russian goalkeepers Alexander Georgiy and Igor Shestyorkin. Lundqvist played 30 games, Georgiy 34, and Shestyorkin won ten games in 12 matches.

Lundqvist has been one of the most popular athletes in New York for more than ten years. He is especially noticed among other NHL players because he regularly wears tasteful suits and is almost never seen in casual clothes.

During his career, the goalkeeper NHL has played 887 games, in which he has won 459 victories. During this period, he played an average of 2.43 discs per game, repelling 91.8% of the show. Lundqvist has played 64 matches in the “dry” and is the leader of the “Rangers” team in all the above categories.

The goalkeeper was selected by the Rangers in the seventh round of the NHL draft in 2000, but he won the team five years later.

In the 2011/12 season, Lundqvist received the Vezina Award, which is given to the best goalkeeper of the league.

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