“One of the sickest results in football history”

1) The football result

Probably because Bodø / Glimt has long played well in Norway, enough because Roma may have come with underestimation and enough because the match was played on a cold evening north of the Arctic Circle.

Men Bodø / Glimts 6–1 must still be seen as one of the sickest results in football history.

2) The minutes

“A slaughter, a bloodbath that makes one envy the end that awaits the salmon in the nearby Saltströmmen.” La Repubblica describes the unlikely football match.

3) The development

Thankfully, the time is over when the Swedish women’s national football team could win most qualifying matches without getting sweaty. The away match against Ireland shows the development.

4) The loss

It is worrying that Caroline Seger and Kosovar Asllani may still be as missed for the national football team’s games as they were in the World Cup qualifier (1–0 away) against Ireland.

5) The technical mistakes

Sweden has only scored six goals in three qualifying matches against clearly worse teams. Now Sweden won thanks to an own goal in a match where the simple, technical mistakes were frighteningly many.

6) Statistlaget

Malmö FF lost 0-4 away against Chelsea and these were figures that Malmö’s players should be happy with. The team’s role to play in the Champions League is the well-paid extra.

7) The flag site

A lollipop stole a flag from Elfsborg’s heel at the end of Djurgården’s clear loss. When Santa was going to run somewhere, a big comedy arose. It was Papphammar on football.

8) The coach interview

The former ice hockey coach Niklas Wikegård got Björn Hellkvist to tell openly and interestingly what it is like to live and work as a hockey coach with Parkinson’s disease.

9) Coach interview 2

The former (?) Football coach Alexander Axén met Hammarby’s fired coach. Stefan Billborn did not say much but enough to reduce the hunt for the “first interview”.

10) The football mother

“I can honestly say that some of those years, as a football mother to Amadeus, are the happiest and finest.” The artist Carola in an interview with Folkspel in Expressen.

11) The hockey quote

“We need a little luck with the puck too.” Djurgården’s coach Barry Smith after another loss. Djurgården needs more than luck to get out of the crisis situation this season.


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