One of the reasons for the severe course of COVID-19 discovered


The reason lies in autoantibodies

Many autoantibodies have been recorded in the body of seriously ill coronavirus infection.

German and American researchers found that patients hospitalized with coronavirus infection had an increased level of autoantibody production. This leads to a severe course of COVID-19 in some patients. This is stated in the magazine Nature Communications.

Autoantibodies are antibodies that act against human tissue. They are the harbingers of autoimmune diseases.

Experts came to such conclusions after examining blood samples from 147 patients collected from March to April 2020. In particular, the level of antibodies that act against the virus was measured, as well as autoantibodies and autoantibodies against cytokines.

Scientists speculate that the increase in the level of these particles may be an overload of the immune system with a virulent infection. They can also be formed as a result of exposure to viral proteins that resemble the body’s own proteins of a seriously ill patient.

“Within a week after hospitalization, about 20% of patients developed new antibodies to their own tissues,” the scientists concluded.

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