One of the deputy heads of the Office of the President of Ukraine is planned to be fired due to the conflict with Yermak and Tatarov – media

Smirnov is under threat of dismissal and may lose his position in a month or two. The official has long been in conflict with Tatarov, the source said.

In addition, Smirnov developed a strained relationship directly with the head of the OP. He often has his own opinion and tries to convey alternative information to Zelensky, and this annoys Yermak, the source said.

“I give 90% probability that in the next month or two Andryukha will leave,” led statement of one of the sources Telegram-channel “UP. Off the record”.


The Telegraph edition wrote that Smirnov in the OP is responsible for justice and lobbies for the dismissal of the Minister of Justice of Ukraine Denis Malyuska.

Smirnov was appointed deputy head of the OP on September 10, 2019.



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