One of the bosses of the original Quake could be a 90-meter zombie – Igromania


One of the original level designers Quake Sandy Petersen toldthat another level designer of classic shooter American McGee wanted to add a 90m zombie to the game.
In the second and third episodes of the shooter, there were no bosses, however, according to words Petersen, there was neither time nor money to create them. To fill the gap, McGee wanted to enlarge the normal zombie model to a giant size and use it as a boss.

At the same time, the monster barely fit on its half of the level, and it was necessary to fight with it using elevators and stairs. However, the idea was vetoed by the art team because the model looked too bad.

For the same reason, Petersen’s own idea was rejected. use as the boss of the enlarged shalrat, also known as vore. His homing shells were supposed to chase the player throughout the level. Gamers would have to hide in tunnels and caves looking for a vantage point to attack.

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