One night, two blockbuster signings: The Phillies signed scud Trea Turner for $300 million in 2011; Mets signed old ace Justin Verlander for $86.66 million in two years – MLB – Baseball

I’ve been on this site for the past two daysSeparately published by Jacob deGromAnalysis of Anthony Rizzo’s signaturesaid that after MLB opened the open market this year, the “middle class” market moved faster— Like starting middleweight Tyler AndersonZach Eflin, later with Angel and RaySigned a three-year contract worth almost 40 million; Rizzo and Jose Abreu, two first basemen, also won a combined $40 million and $50 million mid-level contract, respectively. The bullpen market also made a lot of money: the Padres paid 46 million for five years and 26 million for three years, and renewed two right-centers, Robert Suarez and Nick Martinez; relief pitcher Rafael Montero is tied to the contract. Edwin Diaz, the ghost terminator who posted a 1.31 ERA and 3WAR this season,It was the only one before deGrom broke the $100 million deal

But that situation was quickly broken by the major league executive meeting that just opened yesterday. As mentioned in the headline, early this morning Taiwan time, MLB struck two deals at once: First, they lost deGrom earlier, and the Mets suffered a big first-start hole,A two-year contract worth 86.66 million arrives, with a conditional option for a third year(If 140 innings are pitched in 2024, he will become a 35 million player option in the third year), signing Justin Verlander, the winner of the American League Young Award this season, but he will turn 40 next year. Not long after, another more shocking signing news immediately completely overwhelmed Verlander’s news, suddenly making it not so explosive: The Phillies, the National League champions this season, paid 300 million in 11 years.Sign Trea Turner, one of the most versatile shortstops in the league

Since the winter of 2020, New York tycoon Steve Cohen, who has become the new owner of the Mets, has initiated a series of reforms and reinforcements for the team that has been rooting for a long time. He first traded two midline rookies Andres Gimenez and Amed Rosario for ace shortstop Francisco Lindor who played for the Indians for six years and poured over 30 WARs, and veteran starter Carlos Carrasco . Then, another 341 million was offered over 10 years and a lot of the money was locked up for ten seasons after he turned 28. However, as last year’s record didn’t improve much, the Mets made persistent efforts to win Starling Marte, Mark Canha and Eduardo Escobar from the FA, successively spending $78 million, $26.5 million and $20 million, offsetting the criticized depth inside during the night.

Facts have proved that, with the exception of four-year, $40.6 million wide receiver James McCann who suffered a dull loss, all other investments performed impressively. Although Lindor’s offense fell into a personal slump last year, and his offensive 103wRC+ production value was really unsatisfactory, but relying on his defensive efficiency maintained at the league’s first-tier level for many years, he still delivered 4.2WAR. This year, his hits data has rebounded to 127wRC+, which is better than the last three seasons. As a result, the WAR value went up to 6.8 wins,Only five behind in the league. New classmate Canha also delivered 128wRC+ and 2.8WAR this year; Escobar played 106wRC+ and 2.3WAR; Mars has played 136wRC+ and 3WAR, and all three have played over 500 places. In recent years, the Mets have been given the money-cured from the old problem of a lack of deep fielders and infrequent draft picks.

Thanks to Cohen’s hard work, the Mets have 101 wins this season, even though they made it to the first round of the playoffs, but I think Mets fans won’t deny that this should be the first time since they entered the World Series in 2015.Their most impressive season yet. However, Cohen and manager Billy Eppler have encountered a new wave of problems this offseason: Edwin Diaz, who has contributed tremendously this season, and Brandon Nimmo, a center fielder who has contributed 5.4WAR this season and has an offensive output rating of 138wRC+ over the past three years, Lao Yueyong starting ace Jacob deGrom, this year’s rotation star Chris Bassitt who was traded for two rookie pitchers before the season, and starting depth Taijuan Walker signed with 20m over two years last season…etc, this off season All got FA Qualifying

Now, they’ve bought back Diaz’s next five seasons with the first billion-dollar relief pitcher deal in baseball history; but with the outside hole created by Nimmo’s departure (and one of the most underrated firepowers in the league), there’s deGrom/Bassitt/Walker’s contracts expired at the same time, leaving a huge vacancy in the rotation.Sign the more familiar deGrom againand perhaps the most ideal option,But as I mentioned in my analysis the day before yesterdayWhile he may still be the most efficient pitcher in the league now, or even in the next two or three years, he has risks. He’s about to turn 35 and hasn’t pitched 100 innings in the last three seasons, compared to the 185 million Rangers have pitched, there’s no denying that’s a pretty bold gamble, and there’s a certain premium to risk.

Offer deGrom 120M for three years to no availthere are only two top starters left in the FA,It is also the only prediction system that Steamer predicts rotation candidates will contribute more than 3WAR next year: Verlander and Carlos Rodon. Compared to the former, Rodon, who is ten years younger, naturally has a huge advantage in this respect, but on the one hand this will inevitably be reflected in the length of his contract (current sources indicate that he is pursuing a six-year contract). ; On the other hand, he also has other risks: This season he has pitched 178 innings, which is already a new career high. In the past, he has a rich injury history and is definitely not a healthy kid: In the seven seasons prior to this year, he has never pitched 140 innings once and has only surpassed 130 innings twice.

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