One more step for the future drinking water treatment plant

MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS. A further step was taken in the file of the new Drummondville drinking water treatment plant with the adoption of the notice of motion decreeing a loan of $ 79.8 million for the work. This is the most important project in the history of Drummondville.

The new building will be constructed on the site adjacent to the current plant, which was built in 1928. Although the equipment is operating at maximum capacity, the current plant is nearing the end of its useful life.

The new plant must provide better quality water. In addition to the usual water treatment steps, new cutting-edge technologies will be used, including the addition of the ozonation process and biological filtration. These steps will improve odors and tastes, in addition to being used for the treatment of cyanobacteria, or blue algae.

UV disinfection will be added to the processes, thus offering better disinfection and more latitude in the use of water reserves. All the process equipment will be standardized, in particular by using only one type of settling tank.

The new plant should make it possible to increase production capacity, with a flow rate of nearly 75,000 cubic meters per day, to reach nearly 90,000 cubic meters per day within 30 years. The current capacity is around 58,000 cubic meters per day.

“We are taking a new step in building a historic infrastructure for our city. We will be able to provide drinking water of enhanced quality to the entire population and we will be able to do so by increasing our production capacity for all of our citizens, ”says Drummondville mayor Alain Carrier.

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Next steps

The new drinking water treatment plant will be built on Boulevard Mercure, where the Bain-Hür store is located. (Photo: Ghyslain Bergeron)

In the coming weeks, preparatory work will begin in anticipation of the imminent construction of the new building. The firm AM Démolition has obtained a contract of approximately $ 103,000 for the demolition of three residential and commercial buildings as well as a portion of 350 square meters of the existing drinking water treatment plant.

An out-of-court agreement was reached between the City of Drummondville and the owner of the Bain-Hür business, which relocated its activities to Boulevard Lemire. The City also came to an agreement concerning the residence at 52 rue Poirier. “The agreements will be finalized over the next few days,” says City Manager Francis Adam.

The demolition of the buildings that will make way for the new factory is scheduled for the coming weeks. The City wants to start construction work at the end of the summer, subject to obtaining the last ministerial approvals expected soon, on the financial and environmental plan.

The commissioning of the future drinking water treatment plant is scheduled for 2023.

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