One infected teacher and four in isolation at a school in Braga

One teacher tested positive for covid-19 and another four are quarantined in the EB1 of S. Mamede, in Braga. The lack of teachers compromises the start of the school year with the four classes, scheduled for this Thursday. The Carlos Amarante School Group asks first-year children to stay at home.

In a statement to which MINHO had access, the School Group explains that, following an epidemiological investigation of a case of covid-19, registered in the EB1 of S. Mamede, DGS through the Public Health Unit of ARS Norte, notified the Carlos Amarante School Group of the measures adopted ”, namely:“ a teacher (class owner) with COVID 19 away from the educational establishment until clinical cure; four teachers (three of whom are class members), in prophylactic isolation until the 25th of September ”.

“In the face of what has happened, the EB1 of S. Mamede without Full Professors (PTT) remains to guarantee the beginning of the school year on the scheduled date (September 17), for its four schooling classes”, says the statement signed by the director of the Group, Hortense Lopes dos Santos.

“DGEstE was informed of the fact, in the sense of replacing the aforementioned teachers”, adds the statement and, “despite the scarce resources, and in order to guarantee the opening of the school year, responding to the needs of students and families , three teachers from Educational Support will ensure, at school, the monitoring of children from the 2nd, 3rd and 4th year classes, until the current situation is normalized ”.

“In the current circumstances, the parents and guardians of the 1st year students are appealed, whose conditions permit it, to keep their students in the family environment”, advises the Group.

However, in statements to Lusa, the director of the Group explains that, “for those who cannot stay at home, the family support component will be activated”.

“We only have three teachers available, we had to make choices”, underlines Hortense Santos.

“As soon as possible, we will communicate the date for the resumption of teaching activities for all classes”, ends the statement.

News updated at 2:46 pm with statements by the director of the School Group.

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