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The corona measures have had a negative impact on the lifestyle of children. One in five children in the Netherlands has arrived as a result of the corona crisis.

They have exercised less and started eating more unhealthy snacks. This has emerged from research by paediatricians at Maastricht UMC +, in collaboration with other Dutch hospitals.

Due to the outbreak of the corona virus, it was decided in March to close all schools. Sports clubs also had to close their doors. As a result, the daily schedule of children suddenly looked very different.

About 75 percent of the children were shown to move less: an average of 51 minutes less per day than at the same period last year. While 64 percent of children still achieved the physical activity standard last year (one hour of moderately intensive exercise per day), this was only 20 percent during the corona crisis.

One in three children indicated that they started eating more unhealthy snacks during the corona crisis.

Weight gain
Moreover, the questionnaires that the Maastricht researchers issued showed that one in five children has arrived. This percentage is even higher among children who were already overweight, namely about 40 percent.

The negative effect on their weight can also be observed in parents.

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