“One hit in 4 at-bats? There’s a trap”… US media recognizes Kim Ha-sung’s ML competitiveness – SPOTVNEWS

▲ Kim Ha-seong was the main character of the image of the result of the match against the Chicago Cubs on the 2nd. Ⓒ San Diego Padres SNS

[스포티비뉴스=김민경 기자] “Even if the wind didn’t blow, Kim Ha-seong would have crossed the left wall in the first at-bat in the demonstration game. There is a little pitfall in the record of one hit in four at-bats.”

San Diego Padres infielder Kim Ha-seong (26) is attracting attention with an exciting blow at the beginning of the demonstration game. MLB.com, the major league homepage, introduced Kim Ha-sung as the second of the six notable players in San Diego on the 2nd (hereinafter Korean time). All six are players trying to enter the major league roster by competing in Spring Camp.

Kim Ha-seong reported his debut hit after two games of the demonstration game. On the 2nd, he started as a 3rd batter shortstop against the Chicago Cubs in the 2021 Major League demonstration held at Peoria Stadium in Arizona, USA, and recorded 2 at-bats and 1 hit. At the end of the 4th inning against 0-0, he hit the left fielder in the second at-bat in the lead batter. The next batter Viktor Karatini did not lead to a scoring opportunity as he stepped down to second baseman Byeongsalta.

The SNS of the San Diego club was filled with posts related to Kim Ha-Sung. The club celebrated by uploading a photo and video of Kim Ha-sung’s first hit. The main character in the image of the match result was Kim Ha-seong. The match went up to the 7th inning and lost 0-1.

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On the 1st, Ha-sung Kim started playing as the 7th nominated hitter in the opening game of the pilot game with the Seattle Mariners, showing off a good feeling of hitting. The result was two outfield hits, but San Diego coach Jace Tingler commented, “I was deeply impressed by the first at-bats against Kim Ha-seong against major league pitchers.”

MLB.com said,’Kim Ha-sung reported his first hit in the demonstration game in 4 at-bats, but there is a little pitfall. He sent all batted balls to the outfield in the previous three at-bats. His first at-bat swing would have crossed the left wall even if it wasn’t for a very strong wind.’

“Kim Ha-sung is doing a good blow, and his departure shows a very positive sign. Although the player has spent 7 seasons in Korea, a question mark was added to whether he can handle the balls of big league pitchers well (especially whether he will respond to big league restraints). It’s an early point, and Kim Ha-sung hasn’t been able to meet a true fireballer, but I think he will adapt well to the major leagues.’

If it remains like this, it was expected that Kim Ha-seong would enter the season as a major leaguer. The media said,’San Diego expected Kim Ha-sung to need a period of adaptation to the minor leagues. However, San Diego has always evaluated that Kim Ha-sung has excellent skills to play in the big leagues.’

Spotify News = Reporter Minkyung Kim

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