one day of the week it is forbidden to withdraw and in September (stangata) everything changes

Many things are changing at the ATM and for the Italians there are decidedly unpleasant news.

Let’s try to go in order and to see the various Announcements arriving at the popular ATMs.


Sampling of ATM it is an absolutely natural habit for most Italians. In fact, almost all Italians go regularly at the ATM to withdraw the necessary sums for everyday expenses.

Stangata the ATM: the news

However banks believe ATMs inconvenient and therefore many things are about to change.


First of all, the new ones should arrive from autumn commissions. In fact, from autumn for every withdrawal at an ATM other than that of your bank there will be one commission that can reach one euro and 50 cents. This fee will apply to every single withdrawal. But in addition to this certainly unwelcome novelty, there is also the fact that ATMs are gradually disappearing. Banks see them as excessive spending and so they progressively cut them. This means that it is becoming increasingly difficult for Italians to find an ATM near their home or workplace.

Tax and commissions: the day to not withdraw

But before seeing what day of the week not to withdraw at the ATM it is important to point out as your own the ATM is really in the sights of the taxman. In fact, today any activity that Italians do at the ATM is carefully monitored by the revenue agency. The Revenue Agency through the super registry of current accounts and true artificial intelligence check everything Italians do on their checking accounts and also on their ATMs. Picking habits considered anomalous by these artificial intelligences will be immediately report even if the user has no intention of doing anything wrong.

The forbidden day

But banks are strongly advised against withdrawing on a specific day of the week and this day is Friday. Let’s see why. Bands of thieves are hiding radio-controlled devices that block the card inside the counter in various ATMs in Italy. The user will be convinced that there is a malfunction in the ATM and so will wait for Monday and then the reopening of the bank to regain possession of his card. Once the user has gone away, the bad guys will unlock the card and will be able to do their best.

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