One-click optimization of CyberPunk 2077 up to 30 FPS, foreign experts launch optimization tools

I believe that for those users who use previous generations of graphics cards, the performance required to cope with CyberPunk 2077 seems to be a bit insufficient. Recently, a netizen CodeZ1LLa The YouTube channel on YouTube has issued an optimization tool that claims to accelerate up to 30FPS under ideal conditions.

This tool provides four options, including Default, Max Boost, Balanced, and Disable Async Compute.

By default, it is the same as the default situation of the game, but according to the content, it can also squeeze out some FPS. The highest acceleration mode is to sacrifice image quality in exchange for higher FPS performance as much as possible. Among them, GTX 1060 or lower The model is even expected to increase to as high as 30 FPS. The balance is to take into account the picture quality and performance. It can bring more FPS than the default. Turning off the asynchronous calculation is more special. The GTX graphics card will have a more obvious effect, but RTX or You can also try to turn on AMD’s graphics card.

Of course, this tool will be adjusted to some of the developer’s options that players cannot directly contact, so there is still the risk of triggering the anti-cheat mechanism. It is recommended that players evaluate before using it.

Reference materials: CodeZ1LLa


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