One big deal ?! Shocking leaks after Najman’s fight. Fame MMA owner thunders

– We have very serious suspicions that this was a pre-planned operation. I am getting more and more information, and this information is very, very disturbing – said about Najman – “Don Kasjo” Krzysztof Rozpara, one of the owners of Fame MMA in an interview with the MMA channel-stay up to date.

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“Najman is not a boxer. He is a screamer”

Doubts over the fight of Marcin Najman

The 41-year-old Najman used grips with MMA and K1. After he attacked the opponent with a kick, the referee stopped the fight and disqualified him.

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There is no shortage of conspiracy theories, because one of the bookmakers – Betclic – assumed a bet that Najman would kick the opponent. The gala sponsor explained his doubts on Twitter. – Some of you are asking about a bet that Marcin Najman will produce at least 1 kick. Therefore, we officially inform you that we accepted 268 bets for this event with a total stake of PLN 2,533 – it was written.

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Internet users also have a theory that Najman was simply scared of “Don Kasjo”. He chose holds from other arts fightingto be disqualified rather than badly beaten by an opponent. The Fame MMA authorities are furious. – As Marcin Najman announced, it was his last fight in Fame MMA. FOR SURE! Additionally, the consequences will be drawn against him and the coach who attacked Cassius – the organizers inform in a message on their social media.

Zbigniew Boniek about the fight of Marcin Najman

The scandalous behavior and disqualification of Marcin Najman was commented by the president of the Polish Football Association, Zbigniew Boniek. – Comedy, total idiot – he wrote on Twitter Boniek. – Seriously, this man’s behavior was caused by total fear, fear of embarrassment, lack of control over himself ….. let him succeed in another life … good luck – the president of the Polish Football Association added in another entry Later, he added one more post: And finally the question – do you know who Marcin Najman will meet on Fame 9? Good night.

Scandalous behavior of coach Marcin Najman

When the Najman player was disqualified, his coach, Damian Herczyk, pounced on Cassius “Don Kasjo” Życiński and pulled him by the leg. Najman’s rival informed that after the fight he had X-rayed at the HED department of one of the hospitals. – He wanted to pull this leg out and himself, you can say, f ** k it and twisted it explained Herczyk.


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