Once again the hero of ‘Priesty’ in stylish look, fans are waiting for the release

PrayMammootty starrer ‘The Priest’ is eagerly awaited by the audience. The location stills that came out after the teaser of the film all went viral on social media. Mammootty also shared some pictures on his social media accounts. Now the fans have taken over the new still shared by the star.

The getup at Still is paired with a gray denim shirt and black pants on the outside of the t-shirt, a cross bag slung over the shoulder, a necklace around the neck, a mirror and a raised beard and hat. After its release, many people have come forward to comment on the film. Fans’ comments are, ‘Let Ikka be the head of Malayalam cinema for a long time, Stylish Priest, waiting for release’.

Priest is also Manju Warrier’s first film with Mammootty. The film is directed by newcomer Joffin T Chacko. The script is written by Shyam Menon and Deepu Pradeep. Akhil George is the cinematographer of the film with music by Rahul Raj. The film is being produced by Antro Joseph and B Unnikrishnan under the banner of Antro Joseph Film Company and RD Illuminations.

Also starring Nikhila Vimal, Srinath Bhasi, Sania Iyyappan, Jagadish and Madhupal. Meanwhile, another Mammootty movie is yet to hit the theaters. It is ‘One’ directed by Santosh Vishwanath. Mammootty will be seen as the Chief Minister of Kerala in the film scripted by Bobby Sanjay.

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